Autodesk Graphic Review – Is It Worth the Investment?

Whether you are a graphic designer, an illustrator, a product designer, or any other form of digital artist, the software that you are using to produce your work is the proverbial gateway to your imagination. Your software can either greatly increase your efficiency, or limit your creativity – that’s why it’s paramount to pick the right one. If you are currently using a Mac and need a fully functional vector drawing and illustration application that provides more features than you will ever need, look no further than Autodesk Graphic.

Ever since the birth of the iPad and the most recent iMac computers, digital drawing and illustration applications have been rising in both sophistication and ease of use, but none can compete with the flexibility of Graphic, especially at this price point.

What Makes Autodesk Graphic So Special?

Graphic is a feature-packed illustration application that is exclusive to the Mac OS X. It’s powerful, yet its easy-to-use interface allows talented illustrators like yourself to create everything from simple diagrams, to the most intricate vector artwork. Whether you are creating brand new images from scratch, or simply making slight edits to an existing image, Graphic makes the process as simple, or as detailed-oriented as you need. It works seamlessly on all Mac OS X products including iMac, iPad Pro and iPhone, giving you the freedom to work on your craft wherever and whenever is required.

If you already have experience with other digital illustration applications such as Adobe Illustrator or Affinity Design, the transition to using Graphic will be a walk in the park, as the majority of the tools and layout are pretty similar. Autodesk Graphic allows its users to work with a selection of different file formats including SVG, PSD and PDF as well as giving you the ability to sync up all of your work with the iCloud, to share across all of your devices. Design an image on your iPad, save it your iCloud drive and within minutes the file will be available to view and edit on your iPhone, iMac and any other products that are synchronized with your iCloud account.

Autodesk Graphic’s Key Features

Straight out of the box, Graphic is set up to welcome both the experienced and the beginner designers with its familiar layered file starting point. The myriad of tools and features are easily accessible via the left hand panel and the floating menu bar along the top.

The software itself is built upon a 64-bit architecture and utilizes openGL drawing, both providing an extremely fast and efficient performance.

Just a few of the features that are available on Autodesk Graphic are the sort of things that graphic designers and illustrators would be lost without. These include path editing, text modifications and styling as well as a bunch of appearance FX options such as shadows, glows, strokes and fills.

For those who require a little bit more of a quantitative and specific application, be it for floor planning, schematics or technical designs, the innovative rulers, units and dimensioning tools make everything effortless and easy to manage. The ‘smart guides’ are another unique feature that allow you to easily align multiple objects with a drag and drop style alignment tool to make sure every single design is as perfect as it possibly could be.


  • For such a soundly-priced application, the amount of features is mind boggling. Regardless of your industry or profession, there are enough features to provide you with everything you need.
  • Sync with your iCloud drive and seamlessly share your work across all of your devices.
  • It’s designed specifically for Apple products, and Apple products only, so you will never have to deal with compatibility issues or unwanted bugs.
  • Built on a modern 64-bit architecture. It’s extremely fast and powerful on all devices.
  • The graphics look truly stunning on the retina display of the latest iMac and the Macbook Pro.


  •  The most obvious flaw of Graphic is the fact that it’s designed only for Mac. Windows and Android users are really missing out.
  • It’s a lightweight and cost-effective option for working remotely and on-the-go. This means it’s never going to be able to compete with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and other industry-standard tools.

Overall, Autodesk Graphic is a solid application that provides far more value than the minuscule price tag would indicate. If you are running Mac OS X and you are looking for an illustration application that provides all of the tools and features that you need to work at the best of your ability, you can’t go wrong with Graphic.

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