Mac Vs PC: 10 Reasons Using a Mac May Be More Beneficial

Like Chevy and Ford or Coca-Cola and Pepsi, a long-time competition that proves to be an ongoing hot topic in the technology realm is Mac vs PC. With some very dedicated (and sometimes too emotional) followers, both Mac systems and Windows systems both have great products that offer some of the best ways to access software systems.

Oil and water don’t mix; neither do Macs and PCs. They’re just different ways of thinking. While Macs carry a trendier or “new” way of thinking, PCs are more old-fashioned and have a very basic setup. Though PCs can be a good starting system, Macs are becoming more and more popular as they gain credibility and trust through years of tests and experience. With a rapidly growing customer base, Macs are slowly taking over the digital device world. With many new and fun options and designs, Apple has quickly taken charge, and there’s no stopping them. Here are a few things to consider when you’re comparing the two operating systems.

Mac Vs PC

1.Ultimately, more value is retained in a Mac vs PC comparison.

To start out with, this one is a plain fact. If you buy a PC and a Mac and tried to re-sell or get a trade value for both in 2 years, the Mac clearly retains more of its original value (original price aside) while the PC loses value more rapidly. While a few of our reasons for choosing Macs over PCs may be more subjective, this one is a fact and can be checked against prices easily. If you’re wanting to find the best bang for your buck, a Mac is going to be the best return on investment in the long run, even if the original price is more than the general PC.

2. Lack of viruses.

Security on a computer operating system is vital. With PCs running Windows, you’re often unnecessarily exposed to dangerous malware and viruses. Even a simple click can land you up to your ears in spam and problems for years to come that may cost hundreds of dollars to clean up. With Macs, the risk for viruses, malware, trojans, and other harmful data that could wreck your system is shockingly less. Users have experienced dramatically fewer security breaches on Mac computers as opposed to PCs.

3. Third party makers in PCs.

One thing to keep in mind is that Apple has a very different approach to marketing its products than Windows. As you can find a Windows PC in pretty much any store selling technology, it’s more difficult to get a Mac. You have to go to an Apple store in order to get all the range of products a Mac system offers. The difference is that Apple wants to be the ones to sell their own product so that they can control the quality of the product. Whereas with PCs, there are many various third party sellers like Dell and other sellers, Apple is the maker of its own product. This ensures that if you run into an issue with your Mac, Apple will be the ones to help guide you through a solution, as they are the experts in their own field. If you’re stuck contacting a third party seller for Windows, they are not usually as helpful since they didn’t make the operating system.

4. You can use Windows on a Mac.

Hey, we realize there are some Windows lovers out there who just don’t want to invest time and energy into learning a Mac system. Why not get the best of both worlds? You can buy a Mac and run Windows on it via the built-in Boot Camp or other virtualization software whenever you want. With its own downloadable system for Windows, a Mac makes great use of technology. You can learn both systems, all the while enjoying the streamlined features and cool new designs of the Mac.

5. Hardware benefits.

Hardware counts. Without getting too technical here, there are a few basics that are easy to grasp when it comes to operating systems and having hardware that can handle what you need it to. With some of the absolute best technology, Macs just have it down. With the comparison between Windows Vista and Mac OS X, the latter has always been rated as superior to Windows. Let’s consider again the previous point– you can easily install Windows onto a Mac, while you can’t install a Mac operating system on a general PC.

6. Design advantages in Macs.

Let’s talk style for a minute. Operating systems aside, Macs have a clear advantage when it comes to design. They’re cool and classy at the same time, and they almost always outshine a PC. They’re more compact with a streamlined design, they’re lighter for carrying, and they have a specific persona that just exudes awesomeness.

7. Consistency is key.

When Windows does an update, many things get not only redesigned, but completely moved around, leaving users clueless as to how to operate on the new designs. However, with Macs, things are more consistent across new designs. This allows users to easily pick up on new products and designs, as they are familiar with how thing work.

8. The small things.

We’ve already outlined the differences in design and style with Macs and PCs; however, Mac also offer the entire product, as opposed to the machine only. When you purchase a Mac computer, you get everything you could possibly need, including cords with wraps, chargers, adapters, and even travel-safe specifications. This becomes important not just in luxury, but also in safety of your device. With the best hardware, your Mac stays safe even during travel. When you buy a PC, you’ll get a power cord and that’s about it. The small things can make a huge difference.

9. Overall operations.

Consistently, Mac users run into fewer issues with their devices than do PC users. This includes things like crashes, overloads, storage issues, overheating, downloading issues, data loss, and slowdowns. To beat all that, Macs usually shut down and boot up more quickly than a PC. If you add up the time you wait on a PC to boot up over an entire year, it makes a bigger difference than you think.

10. Customer satisfaction.

Generally, Mac customers are more satisfied with their products than PC users.

Maybe this has to do with specific third parties, but the fact remains that overall, Mac users are happier with their devices than are PC users. They’re simply a class above in terms of customer satisfaction.

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